Wednesday, April 7, 2010


So, I believe i havn't been the most motivated when it comes to starting my makeup career. I dont feel condifent enough yet to go out and freelance, so at the moment, im doing some photoshoots with various photographers, which will help me and also get me shoots for my portfolio! :)
i shall post some once i get them! :)

I need inspiration, it always gets me more motivated.

Here are some pictures i love and would like to re-create!

Gotta love pin up style, it's just so cute & sexy

i love how they have put the sprinkles on the sunnies & lips

gotta love MAC, & barbie, im starting to like the barbie pink look which is wierd for me, i generally hate pink! i guess im finding my more girly side, haha

ahh the doll look, so cute!

green = one of my fav colours, i love this contrast of green & purple, it works really well

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