Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dont like waxing? try this! its amazing!

SO the other week i went and got my eyebrows threaded instead of waxing.

It is like a 6000 year old indian tradition where they have a cotton thread and twist it and it somehow pulls the hairs out from the follicles. Wierd! but i really like it!

I wouldnt say it hurts more than waxing, and only takes a couple of minutes more.

I absolutely stuffed my eyebrows and plucked out to much so i let them grew as i saw this threading place had opened, went in, had them done and they are already so much better! the shape is looking good, i stil have some hairs i need to grow but i cant wait til the end result. I can finally have perfect eyebrows!!

Here is a link on youtube!

it looks realy wierd, its been 2 weeks since ive had them done and have very minimal hair grown back, it defintely lasts longer than waxing!

Monday, April 19, 2010


WoW, i havn't done a blog in a long time!!
finally got photos from a couple of the shoots i did. Some i was happy with, and some, eh!, so i have put a couple up but the pic quality aint so good now lol. but i cant wait to do more so i can keep improving, improving & improving!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


SO easter is over.
Mum & Dad came down for easter, about a week, and that was nice.
I just dropped them off at the airport today, i feel a bit sad actually, hadnt seen dad for about 6 months and only 2months for mum.
They do so much to help me, and im glad they are my parents.
ooooh AND mum made awesome hot cross buns from scratch, who knew!! they tasted awesome, didnt take a picture but :(
Here are some snaps from easter!

all the wine they bought, such alcoholics!

browsing at the chocolate factory! best chocolate ever
at the chocolate factory
mum, jess and me, jess is standing wierdly. haha

Sugar Baby!!

Ahhh Sugar Baby, what to say about you.
Evertime i go into myer i just cannot resist looking at the sugar baby collection, not to mention all the other pretty brands of lotions & of course makeup!

I love there packaging, its just the cutest thing ever with pinup/sailor & hawaiin like girls.
o how i just want to go out and spluuurge!


So, I believe i havn't been the most motivated when it comes to starting my makeup career. I dont feel condifent enough yet to go out and freelance, so at the moment, im doing some photoshoots with various photographers, which will help me and also get me shoots for my portfolio! :)
i shall post some once i get them! :)

I need inspiration, it always gets me more motivated.

Here are some pictures i love and would like to re-create!

Gotta love pin up style, it's just so cute & sexy

i love how they have put the sprinkles on the sunnies & lips

gotta love MAC, & barbie, im starting to like the barbie pink look which is wierd for me, i generally hate pink! i guess im finding my more girly side, haha

ahh the doll look, so cute!

green = one of my fav colours, i love this contrast of green & purple, it works really well