Thursday, April 29, 2010


Dont like waxing? try this! its amazing!

SO the other week i went and got my eyebrows threaded instead of waxing.

It is like a 6000 year old indian tradition where they have a cotton thread and twist it and it somehow pulls the hairs out from the follicles. Wierd! but i really like it!

I wouldnt say it hurts more than waxing, and only takes a couple of minutes more.

I absolutely stuffed my eyebrows and plucked out to much so i let them grew as i saw this threading place had opened, went in, had them done and they are already so much better! the shape is looking good, i stil have some hairs i need to grow but i cant wait til the end result. I can finally have perfect eyebrows!!

Here is a link on youtube!

it looks realy wierd, its been 2 weeks since ive had them done and have very minimal hair grown back, it defintely lasts longer than waxing!

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